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Our Home had been on the market for 5 months with our previous agent having had little to no activity with the only communication telling us to reduce our price by $100,000. We met with James Eichenbaum of the Area Realty Group and he provided honest feedback with ideas and a marketing plan to sell our home. He listed our home increasing the list price by $87,000 and he marketed and SOLD the property as promised. Jim handled all the details, did an great job negotiating for us and kept track of all the important dates while always communicating. OMG if we could give him 500 stars we would. We highly recommend James Eichenbaum to anyone looking for a real estate professional who understands the market and how to sell, knows how to negotiate and does what they say they will. Lars K.

We Used Jim’s team at the Area Realty Group to purchase an investment property. Through his knowledge and skills we achieved our goals and he and they exceeded our expectations. Jim fiercely negotiated our offer with the agent and seller. They communicated and handled all the details to closing timelines with lender and escrow. We can highly recommend Jim and the team at The Area Realty Group. D. Shearman

We Are upstate NY transplants. (seniors) Lived awhile in San Clemente, heard good things re Laguna Woods, but had no knowledge. I have been a licensed r.e. broker in NYS, so am familiar with appropriate service. Jim is a consummate professional with superior knowledge of process, property value, and strong negotiation skills. As noted, we are seniors from out of state, and a bit overwhelmed at times with the many Cal. specific regs and customs. Jim was always there for us, and still, a few months after our purchase, contacts us regularly to see if he can help with anything. We were not a large money purchaser, but were, (are) treated as the only client he has. (Obviously not). In short, Jim is an example of what a true, caring professional is, and I cannot praise him enough! Marshall S.

Jim Eichenbaum and his team at Area Reality are amazing and so professional it made my selling of my home and buying of my new home in San Clemente a breeze. I was impressed with his knowledge of the community, property values, legal issues, interest rates and networking skills. He listed my home at a fair value price, provided assistance helping get the house ready to sell, did a great job of presenting it, brought potential buyers to preview it, and had it sold quickly. In addition he was able to find a home that was a huge upgrade for my family without the sticker shock. Jim was very efficient and controlled every aspect of the sale and new purchase of my home to ensure every detail was thought of beforehand to ensure multiple homes closed effortlessly. Jim is great at what he does because he cares about making sure people are comfortable with every aspect of the sale during the whole process. I would not hesitate to utilize Jim and Area Reality again for my next move it was just a pleasure to work with such an ethical team. D. Stabb

James Sold our house in July. Surprisingly, we were in escrow within three weeks and we got a sales price previously unseen in our neighborhood. One of the first things James told me was that his job was to see that bad things didn’t happen. He did, and the sale went smoothly. James is easy to work with because he is direct, honest, and personable. He has an extensive knowledge of real estate transactions and the South Orange County market. His experience enables him to anticipate problems and keep them to a minimum. He is a seasoned negotiator and a practical, astute businessman. I will use him on my next real estate transaction and I highly recommend him. William R.

We Used Jim’s team at the Area Realty Group to sell our home in San Clemente. Through his experience, knowledge and market expertise we sold our home achieving our goals and exceeding all our expectations. Jim negotiated all the details of the sale and we achieved top dollar for our home. Always communicating all aspects from contracts to closing and timelines.. We highly recommend James Eichenbaum and Marsha Pavick and the team at The Area Realty Group. Josh C.

James Eichenbaum is the most professional, knowledgable, and skillful in real estate. He has mastered the art of negotiating and is the most thorough of any agent we’ve ever worked with. He successfully closed a transaction, selling our home for a prime amount and exceeded our expectations. We look forward to future transactions and would highly recommend to our family and friends. Kristen G.

We Used Jim and his team at the Area Realty Group to sell our home in San Clemente. Through his knowledge and skills we achieved our goals and he and his team exceeded our expectations. Jim fiercely negotiated and got top dollar for our home. Communication and handling all the details of the transaction from making sure the buyer was qualified to closing timelines with lender and escrow. We can highly recommend Jim. Joseph C.

Jim Helped us look for the perfect home for almost a year. He showed us many homes that fit our needs, and expertly submitted offers. In the end, he found us our dream home where we were able to start a family months later! Working with Jim was pleasant, easy, and I always felt like he had our best interest at heart. Jillian G.

I Can’t Thank you and the group at The Area Realty Group more for the great work you did in closing on the sale of our home. No one from other Realtors to the bank that holds our loan was willing to help. You got the short sale done and saved us from foreclosure. JF

Beacause We refinanced and had a 1st and 2nd mortgage we had been told and thought our last and only option available was foreclosure. That was before we met you at one of your seminars. We were impressed by your knowledge and that you even suggested we speak with our CPA and attorney. The Area Realty Group not only stopped the foreclosure sale, you got the bank to waive their initial request for an unsecured note. Your team was always available to answer questions. You got the bank to forgive the debt and our CPA said we will have the tax relief. What you did for our family in closing our short sale was short of a miracle. RO

OCWEN Said no, you said yes! After The Area Realty Group got involved with the bank you got them to accept the offer on the short sale of our home. THANKS! JH

Mr. Eichenbaum, Thanks is not enough. Your team at The Area Realty Group is everything you say. I was told that I would not be able to sell without signing a deficiency note because we had refinanced and owed more to Well Fargo, Citi Financial and the Homeowners association than the home was worth. After I saw you in a seminar I thought I had a chance. You did everything you said you would. You postponed and then prevented the foreclosure through selling our home, paying off both banks and the homeowners association without any deficiency. JK

Jim, I don’t know where to start. How about THANKS! Your team took responsibility from the start, from speaking with the bank to stopping the foreclosure, “Thanks Again”, to handling matters with the homeowners association. What was a very ugly situation in the 1st place before you got involved, to an unbelievably less stressful situation. Your team updated me throughout the process. Knowing everything that was going on gave me peace of mind and the allowed me to focus and get back on track. Did I say thanks! The added time I was able to stay in the home allowed me to save some money, pay off some bills and find a place at a much lower monthly cost. Thanks again to you and your incredible team at The Area Realty Group. Elicia

I am Writting to express my gratitude to Area Reality Group for assisting me with the short sale of not one, but two homes in Las Vegas and San Diego. Originally, I attempted to try to negotiate with the Wells Fargo on my own and got nowhere fast. I was left with feelings of hopelessness and despair. As a man who had worked hard to build excellent credit and earn a high paying job, I really thought the terrible decline in the housing market was going to rob my family of the future we deserved. That was before I called Jim Eichenbaum at The Area Reality Group. As I sit here today without the burden of these homes, which had lost nearly $500,000 in value since my purchases, I see no long term effects and a bright future for my family. But, the best part might have been ease of working with your company. It was invaluable to me how responsive you were during what I thought for sure would have been a very stressful experience. I couldn’t have done it without you Jim!!! Joel S.